i’ve seen this goddamn commercial so many times but it never fails to make me laugh


I held my breath as I watched you swing
Then run your fingers through your hair

Oh, how could anyone not love the terrible things you do?
Oh, how could anyone not want to try and help you?

have you ever considered giving up the "sabrinagrimm" url that would be great to have like yeah its yeah a great url and reference

there are some ~*relatable*~ art posts on here that are like “when u draw the face before the head and then you don’t know how to draw the head… isn’t that a bummer??” and i just want to ask the literal thousands of people in the notes and op what they’re doing with their lives


sailor moon graphic meme: [2/4] outers

↳haruka tenoh/sailor uranus

Let’s see…I’m not exactly sure what “ordinary” happiness would be, but I don’t think my current self is “abnormal.” What I am now is closest to my true self. That’s what I think. Haruka Tenoh, who fell in love with motor sports, can only live in this manner, no matter what she does. I have something more valuable than “ordinary” happiness.

baby: A-a
mom: Apple? Say apple.
baby: *jumps*